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A super-sized edition of THE JIM ROSS REPORT podcast is available now on @westwoodone @applepodcasts @googleplaymusic @spotify or wherever you listen to Podcasts! Hear part 2 of my chat with Dave Meltzer—discussing star rating system, Wrestle Kingdom 13, ROH/NJPW at MSG…also, ROH’s Ian Riccaboni—discussing next Friday’s Final Battle PPV and much more. . @ianriccaboni @ringofhonor @thegarden #davemeltzer #wrestlingobserver #ianriccaboni #ringofhonor #roh #njpw #newjapan #msg #jimrossreport #westwoodone #applepodcasts #googleplay #spotify #wrestling #podcast


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@franklinarmory 4 Month(s) Ago


@j3tandmeus 4 Month(s) Ago


@kevin_shutter 4 Month(s) Ago

Fuck @dave_insider

@revsyz1019 4 Month(s) Ago

Pretty bad when you have the biggest mark in the world on your show.

@torresdan215305 4 Month(s) Ago

I have more credibility than Dave Meltzer does

@matt.d.lion 4 Month(s) Ago

Ain’t no body got time for Dave Meltzer

@rbiv_9715 4 Month(s) Ago

Please stop giving this guy credibility JR . Dave is a wanna Wrestling insider . He is a mark .👎👎

@shane.canning.56 4 Month(s) Ago

Love dave

@mediamangy_isaac 4 Month(s) Ago

No matter what! have a amazing day today continue to be great

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