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Never view separation & rejection as failure, when God has designed them to be fuel for your mission. You'll never be able to soar to the pinnacle of your destiny, if you're carrying dead weight. #uproar #letgo #godknowsbest #liftoff #glowon #mondaymotivation


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@rae.of.light 3 Day(s) Ago


@mr.se7n 3 Day(s) Ago

Maaaannnnn....for real✊

@goodnessinme82 3 Day(s) Ago

Yessss πŸ’ƒπŸ½

@nicole.t.stelly 3 Day(s) Ago

@mr.se7n πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ just trust God and go with it!

@mr.se7n 3 Day(s) Ago

@nicole.t.stelly I know. But sometimes it seems as if his voice is blocked. I try and try, but whatever anchor I have is heavy.

@meangurlkish 3 Day(s) Ago

You haven’t aged one bit 25+ years later. 😍😍😍

@nicole.t.stelly 3 Day(s) Ago

@mr.se7n When I was writing this post, "anchor is the exact word that came to mind. Some relationships tie us down and are more heavy than healthy. But even though we consider them healthy, there is a fear of letting go, because of the comfort. In these cases, God will orchestrate those opportunities for separation. And as painful as they are, they are purposefully designed to move us forward and higher. The key is hiding yourself in God so deep that you completely trust that he's got you! Let him do it. Go with it. Trust me, I am a witness of healing in this area. God's got you!

@mr.se7n 3 Day(s) Ago

@nicole.t.stelly thanks so much sis. Blessings you. You and your family, keep me in prayer please...

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@nicole.t.stelly 3 Day(s) Ago

@mr.se7n absolutely, will do!

@mr.se7n 3 Day(s) Ago

@nicole.t.stelly thanks sis

@nicole.t.stelly 2 Day(s) Ago

@meangurlkish I'm trying girl! Lol You look great as well!

@meangurlkish 2 Day(s) Ago

@nicole.t.stelly thanks 😍

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